The Legend Of sleepy hollow - october 25, 26 & 27, 2019


Playwright John Heimbuch and Jon Ferguson infuse this work with a lively blend of Gothic terror and tongue-in-cheek humor that ably captures Irving’s story and demonstrates why it remains so compelling. The image of the horse and rider, created out of nothing more than the scraps of wood, cloth and debris that litter the stage, becomes a tangible symbol for the way in which the mind can create fear out of half-glimpsed shadows, a creaking door and an overactive imagination

It’s a wonderful life - december 13, 14 & 15, 2019

Get into the holiday season with James W. Rodgers' stage adaptation of Frank Capra's classic movie It's a Wonderful Life. George Bailey is a good man, with dreams of exploring the world, building skyscrapers and taking his wife to the finest places. He is also a man with responsibilities: to his family, to his business and to his neighbors in Bedford Falls. His dreams never disappear, although his sense of responsibility keeps George at home. But everything he's sacrificed personally and everything he's held together professionally are jeopardized when a large sum of money turns up missing. On the brink of suicide, he wishes he had never been born and is temporarily granted his wish by a guardian angel. The world he sees - a world that has never known George Bailey - is an eye-opening picture of the difference each person makes in the quality of life, how each individual ultimately determines the kind of world in which he or she lives.